Sunday, August 28, 2016


WALKING INTO A club was a very unfamiliar occurrence for Paige. Glaring at the back of her friend, Jennifer’s head, she walked in wishing she never agreed to this evenings outing.  When Jen pulled up into the clubs parking lot, Paige immediately regretted in agreeing to “let loose just this once” statement.  This was going to be a long stretch in making an effort to enjoy herself. Paige had never been a party kind of girl; she always dedicated her life to her career and her now ex-husband, never making time for this kind of thing.

They were escorted deeper into the club, up some stairs to a VIP room, which was dark and gloomy, it had a large table surrounded by what looked like leather chairs. Paige was surprised to find a complementary bottle of champagne on ice and two glasses waiting for them.  She took a seat backing up against the glass wall that overlooked the club’s dance floor and large bar. Jen took a seat across from her giving her a clear panorama view of the whole club below.

“So what’s the occasion?” Paige asked with a raised brow, studying the waitress taking the champagne bottle out of the ice bucket. With a slight pop she uncorked it and poured the golden liquid into their glasses without messing a drop.  Picking up her now filled glass, she watched the waitress replace the bottle in the ice bucket and leave. 

Jen picked up her glass and said; “To you coming out and realizing life does not always revolve around work.”

Paige studied Jen for a moment, thinking how she knowingly ducked her head under research and work since her husband of five years cheated on her with his assistant while on an expedition in the Andes Mountains over a year ago. She had met Trevor on a fossil exploration site in the Badlands of Alberta, fell in love, married and worked together until she realized she hadn’t been in love at all, just infatuated with him, their marriage was for convenience only. She lost herself in work and dedicated her life to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, also known as UNESCO with interest to local heritage sites in Canada and the world. After their divorce she accepted a job with Vision Archaeology Inc. in their research and collection department, doing the same thing, but the pay was way better.

“Okay I’ll give you that, but for tonight only.” Paige declared as she touched Jen’s glass with hers and then took a sip of the bitter sweet liquid.

“Until I get you to come out again, which will be soon I hope.” Jen replied mischievously.

“Not promising anything.” Paige added quickly.

“So, I’ll nag again until you do.” Jen smiled.

“Seriously! Jen, why here?” Paige asked irritated with the music that drummed so loud she could hardly hear herself think, she turned around and looked down at the dance floor, “Could we not have gone out to a dinner and a movie instead?”

“Why? What’s the fun in that?” Jen asked moving her torso to the beat of the music.

Paige shrugged watching her friend enjoying the beat and finishing her drink.

“I’m going to dance, want to join me?” Jen announced knowing Paige would not dance to this kind of music, but asked anyway stretching out her hand indicating to get up and join her.

“No bloody way will I be going down there.” Paige replied anxiously as she turned to watch sweaty bodied rubbing against each other, she shivered.

“Well suit yourself.” Jen sang as she left the solitude of the VIP room. Paige watched her intently as she walked down the stairs, but lost track of her as a man made his way up, distracting Paige. He was exquisitely handsome, which made Jen nearly miss a step as she passed him. He was deep in thought and did not notice the ladies staring at him as he walked from the security office of the club, where he was carefully monitoring a couple of elegant woman sitting and enjoying their complimentary champagne. One did not look like she was impressed with the idea of being there as she sat with her back to the club and had no smile in her eyes. There was something about her that intrigued him and he was going to make damn sure he would find out who she was before this crazy detail was over.

Commander Corvan Steel, “punishment” for not complying to orders his detail was given, got him running security for the Eyrie Corporation’s newest addition. Seekers, a five star club was for higher ranking or rich individuals only. For these ladies to get a VIP room meant they, either well off or well known.

As it was compulsory to have all identification scanned, he took the advantage and looked through all the images of the evening’s guests until he came across a blond and sexy, Jennifer Citron, a thirty-six year old, well-to-do, multi-million dollar Real Estate broker and her friend Paige Thornton, same age, an archaeologist for Vision Archaeology Inc. So this would mean money that got them into the VIP room.

Paige had a small muscular frame, with chestnut brown to red curly hair and deep green eyes that stared down into his soul, the same green eyes that had been watching him make his way up the stairs to the second level where her VIP suite was situated.  What she did not expect was his appearance at her suites door, with a look of superiority and a hint of anger in his eyes. He walked over to where Paige sat and looked out of the glass wall down to find her friend dancing with a younger man.

“May I help you?” Paige asked swallowing hard as her heart skipped a few beats while this larger than life man made his way toward her and then stood looking down at the dance floor with his hands behind his back.

Not looking over at her, he asked; “Are you lost?”

“I beg your pardon?” Paige asked frowning to the unexpected question.

“You heard me.” He replied.

“Yes, I heard you, but don’t understand the question?” Paige asked standing up “I’m not sure if it was meant as a compliment or insult?” Paige added, as she stood next to the man that had a very strange manner.

He was wearing black Armani dress pants, which accentuated his thigh muscles and a white cotton shirt that covered tattoos, which peaked out behind his ear and ran down his hands and fingers.

“Why would you think that it would be either?” he asked still not looking at her.

Paige smiled, he was toying with her and could not come up with something wise to say, his presence made her brain go to mush. This intrigued her; Paige had never experienced the loss of words before.

“Then I must be lost. Are you here to show me the way?” she whispered.

God she threw a curveball, this time he was speechless. He chuckled. “I may have to,” he replied in the godliest voice. Paige’s knees wanted to buckle, so she made it back to her chair just in time to sit.

“Wow, is it hot in here or is it just me.” Paige moaned to herself.

“It’s you.” He replied still watching Jen now making her way back to the VIP room, which meant his visit was over, so he turned toward Paige, bowed and strode out of the room barely missing Jen bumping into him.

“Oops, sorry big boy,” Jen grinned and moved aside for the large six foot something hunk of a man leave the room.

“Who the hell was that?” Jen asked as she made her way to her seat.

I don’t know, he thinks I’m lost” Paige shrugged.

“What? Why on earth did you not ask for his name and number?” Jen reprimanded unsatisfied.

“Didn’t get a chance to.”

“God, Paige, do I have to teach you everything?” Jen asked and jumped up to find the man make his way into the clubs office behind the DJ. “Well he must either run or own the place.” Jen added.

Paige questioned her and found the man that was only a breath away a few minutes ago, walk into the club’s office. She found this very interesting, as she would not associate him owning this club. Paige found he had a little more fury in him.