Sunday, September 25, 2016


 PAIGE DRIFTED IN and out of sleep, when she slept she dreamt of murky places, it was as if she was looking though water and when she woke, she found the men sitting watching over her. Angry with herself for not healing quick enough, Paige tried to sit up, she realized she would not be able to go after and trek that monster alone after all. Her strategy will have to change to allow her to join the commander and his men on their mission.
Finding Paige wake and finally trying to sit up, Alex moved over to assist her before Corvan had the chance to do so.
“How do you feel?” Alex asked with a concerned look in his eyes.
“I must have a fever as I keep on hallucinating, seeing strange images in my head.” Paige replied rubbing her eyes.
“What kind of images?” Alex asked curiously and looked over to Corvan.
“Images of strange murky places I know I have never seen before, it’s as if I’m in someone else’s head.” Paige said shivering as she pulled up her sleeping bag under her chin.
Corvan got up from where he was sitting and knelt down next to her. Taking his finger, he lifted up her chin to inspect her throat, then gently pulled her up to a sitting position and lifted her hair and looked over her neck and upper back not covered by her shirt only to find goose bumps.
“What are you looking for?” Alex asked watching the commander inspecting Paige carefully; all the while she sat very still wondering the same thing. Corvan lifted one arm then the other, Paige cringed in pain, finally he found what he was looking for, a bite mark.
“This.” Corvan pointed out. Alex pushed back Paige’s T-shirt sleeve to reveal a large bruise with four puncture marks as to where the creature teeth penetrated the skin.
“Oh my god, that thing bit me?” Paige cried out, now understanding why her arm felt so stiff.
“This is not a good thing.” Alex moved and sat back on his haunches with an unsettling look on his face.
“What will happen to her?” Neal asked as he and the others came closer to inspect the wound and find out what this all meant. They were put on this mission without too much information on what they would be apprehending and returning to base. All they knew it was a source and ancient creature from which they were created. Neal, AJ nor Eddie had ever seen or dealt with a Grigori before.
“This complicates matters a bit.” Corvan admitted with angst.
“A bit, what do you mean a bit?” Paige asked feeling very nauseous.
“Well what do you want to hear first, the good, the bad or the ugly?” Corvan asked, not thinking Paige would not find the quote funny.
“Is there a good side to this?” Paige asked instead.
“Yes, and that is you won’t die, but you will have a high fever and find the Grigori in your head amongst other things.” Corvan explained as he put the back of his hand on Paige’s forehead to feel her body temperature. Not that he needed to, but did it anyway.
“The what?” Paige shrieked.
“The Grigori is an ancient worrier, half dragon, half man.” Corvan started when Alex interrupted.
“It’s very similar to the mythology of the gargoyle, the creature the church used at one time to guard their faith and drive out people that were not worthy.” Alex explained.
“Except the Grigori does not only guard churches.” Corvan continued.
“Why do I have this sickening feeling I shouldn’t ask what else it guards?’ Paige asked buckling over, holding her mouth closed with her hands, feeling very nauseous and dry mouthed.
“We will need to tie her down.” Corvan commanded, “I have ropes in my pack.”
Paige looked up at the commander as fear hit her stomach, “Why?” Paige choked.
“It’s to protect us all, especially you.” Alex replied trying to sound reassuring and calm.
“Please don’t, please don’t restrain me.” Paige begged, tears filled her eyes as she looked up into Corvan’s eyes, she held him in her gaze, mesmerised, controlling. Then slowly moved over to Alex and the rest of the men, captivating them in her stare and plea. Paige knew these feelings where not her own, but whatever was taking over her body depressed her own emotions and functions, as if in a dream. This monster was taking over her mind and her body and she had neither a way of warning the men nor fight to keep it under control. It wasn’t Paige begging and staring them down, wanting them to surrender to her plea, if it was; she would want to be tied up. The feelings raging through her were dangerous, lustful and wanting.
Corvan could not move, he was taken aback by her plea, the sadness and fear in her eyes reflected back into his soul. He took pity on her. He had never felt sorry for anyone or anything before so this feeling took hold of him. He was told he had no heart, no feelings but Paige seemed to prove this wrong, how did she do this, he wondered?
Alex was the first to move closer to Paige, he took her hand finding it clammy and cold. Paige subliminal brain screamed for him to back off, while the Grigori made her smile seductively, inviting him closer. She tilted her head to one side and uncontrollably took Alex’s face in her hands and gently kissed him on the lips. Instead of closing her eyes to enjoy the moment, she looked up at Corvan to watch for his reaction. The Grigori was playing a very dangerous game and Paige’s body was the instrument, a weapon of choice and there was no way to stop it. Both men were taken aback by her kiss and flirty manner, before any more harm came to her, Corvan moved over to his pack and pulled out a rope and swiftly grabbed Paige out of Alex’s embrace and tied her wrists together. Her eyes where glossy and fully dilated indicating she was not herself.
Paige yelled in anger and twisted her body in an inhuman manner. Her ribs screamed in pain as she regained consciousness.
“What’s happening to me?” She asked softly as she found her wrists tied tightly and held down by Corvan and Alex. They looked at each other not trusting the situation.
“The Grigori is controlling you.” Corvan spat out.
“Please stop it, it’s hurting me.” Paige begged as her body twisted into another painful position.
Neal grabbed the knot that held Paige’s wrists together and held it above her head. Alex cut another piece of rope off, and tied her ankles together, while Corvan held her shoulders down. Her strength was not her own and it took all three men to restrain her. Hoping this may keep her still enough to not do any more harm to her body. AJ and Eddie found a couple of wooden stakes and drove them down into the sand and tied her arms and legs to them, stretching her out as if on a spit.  Paige moaned with the pain searing through her body, wishing for relief that did not come. Instead of crying out she found herself laughing uncontrollably, which made her cracked ribs stab into her. Paige tried to focus on Corvan saddling her, keeping her still. He noticed tears run down her temples, as she gurgled for air, blood slowly started to seep out of the corner of her mouth and nose. Her ribs dug deeper into her lungs filling them up with blood. She was about to drown in her own blood if they did not stop it. 
“She’s bleeding internally; the crack ribs must have splinted into her lungs” Alex yelled getting Corvan’s attention.
“What, do you think I’m blind not seeing the blood?’ Corvan shouted back.
“We need to do something.” Alex roared.
“Like what?” Corvan asked.
“She needs blood.” Neal suggested calmly.
“Who’s?” Alex asked looking back at the lieutenant.
“The oldest is best.” Neal looked over to the commander, who started to shake his head in disbelief; if he fed her more of his blood she would feel him inside of her forever. Not like the Grigori’s possession she is feeling now, but a deep unity that will make her feel she belongs to him. This is not what he was planning for her, as they do not have that kind of bond, well not yet and he was not planning to earn it like this either.
“Now, sooner than later.” Neal interrupted the commander’s thoughts with urgency.
“Alright, I’ve got this.” He yelled back, looking down at Paige that was still wrenching beneath him with her eye closed and her jaw clenched, “I’ve got this” he repeated in a whisper not quite sure if he did. Biting into his wrist again he slowly forced her mouth open and held his wrist to her lips and softly whispered.
She did without knowing what she was doing, she felt liquid running down her throat, slowly the pain eased and her mind drifted off to a dark place. Was she dreaming again? Paige was not sure what was reality and what was not, it all felt unfamiliar, but at least now she felt no pain and she could breath.
She was standing on a black rock above a pool of water. Everything around her was misty except for where she was standing. Across the pool Corvan stood, he was dressed in black leather armour and carrying a large cutlass sword, the hilt covered his hand, what looked like, silver wings. He looked majestic and strong, unexplained feelings of lust seared through her veins, finally pooling in her heart.  She could feel his strength, his anger inside of her, yet there was a hint of sadness and emptiness, an emptiness she so desperately wanted to fill. He wasn’t looking at her, so she followed his gaze, which ended up in the pool ahead of them. What reflected back was not her own image but of a women naked with majestic wings on her back spread wide, ready for flight, small horns peaked through her hair on her head and rapped around her legs was a dragon tail with an arrow tip. Paige gasped at the sight, not that she was ugly or frightening, on the contrary she looked beautiful, sexy and very powerful. Something Paige wanted to be all her life and worked very hard to achieve, but never had the body and the looks to achieve it. She looked back up at Corvan.
“Is that me?” she asked softly.
“Yes,” he said looking back at her with a blank undisclosed expression on his face.
As she could not tell what he was feeling,” she asked, “What are you going to do to me?”
“Nothing.” He replied and jumped over the pool and landed swiftly next to her, using his free hand to pull her closer by her hip and held her close. She could feel the leather on her bare skin, his hand now resting on the small of her back, just above her new tail. His lips skimmed hers gently, but did not kiss her, a kiss she desperately wanted. Paige could not move as his grip tightened around her, the pressure around her waist started to feel heavy, they were not standing any longer she was on her back with Corvan saddling her holding her shoulders down.
Paige eyes fluttered open as reality came back to her, arms and legs tied up, drenched in sweat and the taste of blood in her mouth.
Corvan noticed her eyes where back to normal, beautiful big green eyes looked up at him, completely captivating him. He straightened up letting go of her shoulders, but sat over her hips to make sure she was completely recovered.
“Can I have some water please?” Paige whispered finding her throat clogged with blood and dust.
“Most certainly” Alex replied and grabbed her canteen from her pack and lifted her head slightly to swallow.
Corvan moved off her at the same time and was about to untie her hands.
“No, don’t I can still feel her, inside of me.” Paige chocked in haste preventing the men from untying her.
“Her?” Corvan asked surprised
“Yes, the creature is female and she is here to retrieve something, something she had lost centuries ago.” Paige said surprised with the fact she knew this. How, was not clear to her, but she could feel it was the reason she was here, now she had to find out why the commander and his men were here and what their intentions were.
“You get some rest then and once your temperature comes down we’ll untie you.” Corvan replied. Once Paige settled down into a light sleep, which felt like forever, Corvan pulled his men aside to discuss their plan of action.
“If Paige was bitten by a female then we dealing with more than one” Corvan advised.
“So our mission has stepped up a notch,” Alex added finding a sense of urgency in his voice he looked over to Paige. The men followed his gaze and understood they do not have much time before all humanity will be at risk.
“What are we going to do with the human?” AJ asked now finding the situation a little less appealing.
“Human? You not referring to Paige as a human, now?” Corvan asked with an edge of anger in his voice. The men picked up on it and immediately recognized there was more to his irritation with her.
Alex cleared his throat, “And I sense there is more to her than what I first realized.” He added trying to mask the commander vulnerability.
“She may come in handy now that she has been bitten,” Neal advised.

They all nodded in agreement, except for Corvan, he feared for her and knew his feelings would get in the way of this mission and needed to get her to safety, away from this cave, the dangers and most of all far away from him as possible.  Unfortunately, the team did not agree with him, they saw the potential in using her.