Sunday, September 18, 2016


WITHOUT A WORD she moved down deeper into the cave, adjusted her backpack on her hips and switched on the light that was attached to her hardhat.
“Stop, where do you think you’re going?” Corvan asked as he stood up to get his gear together. Paige turned around finding the men coming toward her, she shook her head not believing they were actually going to join her.
“We were kind enough to wait for you for two hours this morning, at least have the courtesy letting us know where you going?” Corvan asked irritated by her demeanour.
Realising they could have gone off into the caves without her and broke the deal they made last night, Paige replied; “follow me then.”
“I like a woman with few words.” Lieutenant Neal Samuel said grinning as he followed the feistiest woman he had ever met, deeper into the cave.
The air smelt of decaying vegetation and wet soil, it felt humid, yet cold. This made Paige’s backpack stick to her shoulders and hips already. The corridor they were following started to narrow down, she remembered further down she would have to take her backpack off. This would enable her to squeeze through into a larger section beyond and this was where she found the fragments of bone. Walking single file now her light reflected the walls forming a V, the floor of the corridor narrowed down, but the ceiling was at least eight-feet wide, which made it difficult to walk and hard to balance with weight on her back. Their path made a curve to the right where her light reflected onto boulders that fell over blocking the route, leaving a very small hole they had to squeezing through, the men behind her moaned at the sight of it. As they approached, Paige took off her backpack and crouched down to shine her light down the hole the boulders made, to find the path still clear. Pushing her backpack in front of her, she gone on hands and knees and disappeared into the hole.
“Do you think we’ll fit?” Alex asked Corvan as Paige moved out of sight.
Corvan bent down to take a look and found the opening not long but definitely tight, the hole had a diamond shape to it so keeping their large shoulders in the middle would be best. Paige found Neal, Eddie and AJ join her first as they were smaller than the other two, they watched in anticipation for Alex and Corvan to join them.  Alex came out first looking a little riled up.
 “Shit that was tight.” He moaned as he dusted himself off and then bent back down to see how his commander and best friend was doing.  Ducking down into the hole again he grabbed hold of Corvan’s backpack and pulled it out to give him some space to manoeuvre. Hearing a bone pop Paige yelped and ran over to Alex to find the commander mangled inside the hole.
“What the hell was that?” Paige panicked hearing the sound repeating in her head.
Alex fell onto his knees and shifted to the entrance and grabbed hold of Corvan’s arm and pulled him out. Paige gasped to find the commanders shoulder twisted unnaturally.
“What happened? Paige asked anxiously.
“He had to dislocate his shoulder to squeeze through.” Alex explained as he took Corvan’s arm and manipulated it so the shoulder could pop back into place. Paige screamed at the sound it made. Corvan laughed and stood up, dusting himself off and picking up his backpack with the arm that was dislocated a few moments ago. Paige stared at him in disbelief, this upset her more than expected, she felt her body shake, nausea hit her stomach and uncontrolled tears ran down her face.
The men stopped, not expecting her to react so profoundly. Corvan stepped up toward her finding her shaking and pale, he took his finger and wiped off a tear from her cheek, then smiled. “I’m okay,” he advised with a smug look in his eyes.
Paige stepped back a little not believing his arrogance and without warning slapped him across his face with all the frustration she had bottled up these last twelve hours, turned and walked back to her backpack feeling a lot better. This was short lived, as she bent down to opened her pack, Corvan whisked her up to face him. He looked fearful, his eyes dark and sunken, his face pale and his jaw muscles quivered with anger. Alex stood behind him looking rather concerned, but did not intervene, he knew better, he had been friends with Corvan for centuries and knew when to stay out of his way. This was one of those times, he disliked Corvan when he was in this state, especially with a woman, but Alex trusted Corvan to snap out of it before he lost it. Corvan did, he knew his features where enough to put Paige in her place.  He moved away leaving Alex to deal with her further.
“You certainly not a morning person are you?” Alex asked with a stern look on his face.
Paige turned away from him and bent down to her pack and retrieved her camera, a few unique looking lamps and a large bag. Still shaking, she nervously set up the lights around the perimeter she wanted to work in and unpacked the bag containing, a fold-up pic, hammer, spade, vinyl tape, tape measure, nylon string, stone chisels of various sizes, a magnifying glass, a notebook, pencil and various other little nifty gadgets needed for her mini excavation. Standing up she turned toward the men staring at her, not believing all that equipment she carried must have weighed a ton.
“Stay out of my way.” She warned as she sucked in a large amount of stale air into her lungs and made her way back to her pack to retrieve her water bottle and an energy bar. What a morning she thought to herself and no she wasn’t a morning person, not until she had that wonderful cup of caffeine to render her conscious for the day, which she did not get round to making for herself this morning.
Corvan stood watching Paige still riled up by her unannounced slap, it did not hurt, but it was the hate in her eyes when she did, that upset him. Corvan could not understand this feeling or connection he had for her, instead of putting it into good use he fought against it. Trying to shrug this urge to hold her, he caught his men’s attention and started to investigate the rest of the cave. They found many other corridors that led out this main cavern looking for any kind of disturbance, examining the ground and walls for clues. AJ was the first to find some kind of secretion on a rock jutting out of a corridor wall to the left of where Paige was working. She watched as they took a sample of what they found, Corvan took something out of his pack and carefully transferred what was on the rock into a container of some kind, then quickly put it back into his pack. They then as a group disappeared down the corridor, leaving Paige doing her thing.

She found some interesting fragments of newer bone scattered around, but nothing substantial or identifiable to say what animal they came from.  Time was not on her side and if she did not find something today or tomorrow she knew this expedition would be for nothing.  She knew funding would not be approved on a gut feeling. Her gut was telling her there was something sinister and very interesting in these caves, but she needed proof. Sitting back on her haunches she looked around where the lamps cast their light, maybe she was too hasty in speculating this area would be where she would find more bone fragments, just because she found them here over a decade before. Maybe just like all the other little pieces of bone that lay around came from a main source further away. Time was against her, animals may have disturbed this gravesite over time, she knew this, she also knew the earth moves things around over the years. Taking two lamps from their perches, one in each hand, she walked around the cavern looking for signs, for example, unexplained mounds of sand, soil disturbances and sand discoloration. Walking into the middle of the cavern she sat on her haunches again and shone the light along the sand where she found a suspicious mound of sand. If anything this is where she was going to start her dig, she smiled to herself. Before she stood up to transfer her gear over the mound she switched off the lights and sat in the dark and listened to the silence for a bit. Although silent, Paige could sense energy in the cavern, not that she could see or hear it, but she could smell and taste it. She put the lights back on and stood up quickly, making her way to her pack and retrieved her hunting knife. Paige knew she was alone but opening up her senses scared her, she felt something lurked in the darkness of the cave and knew she would feel much safer with the knife strapped to her leg. Shrugging the feeling off she got busy again by setting up her parameter, wrote down her co-ordinates, staked out a square to exact measurements and started to dig.  As her pic hit the mound she smelt a slight vile stench of sulphur, she stopped and sniffed the air, it did not come from the mound as she first thought, it was coming form the corridor the men disappeared into hours before. Where were they, what took them so long? Time eluded her and senses fogged, as she worked in the dark.  She stood up again and called out the men’s names, no answer. Paige looked at her watch it was past lunchtime, which subconsciously made her stomach growl, it was quite loud as it echo into the silence of the cave.

CORVAN AND HIS men made their way down the corridor finding traces of a gel like substance they suspect the Grigori left. They could smell it, trekking down the passage there senses heightened, moving slowly not to make a sound as they moved along until there flashlights hit a solid wall. The passage stopped abruptly, nowhere to go but back, until a drop of water fell on Alex’s head. He looked up and found an opening above them. He tapped the commander on his shoulder and pointed up, following the major’s finger; he found a hole in the roof big enough to climb through. Alex passed his backpack to AJ and adjusted his crossbow across his chest as he jumped, with vampire agility, up into the opening, loading and readying the weapon as he landed on the upper level. It was dark and quiet so he indicated for the rest of the squad to join him. AJ through up both backpacks and joined Alex, followed by the rest. Corvan was about to leap up when he heard Paige call out their names, it wasn’t in a tone that made him think she may be in danger but a feeling of dread ran up his spine, as he realized he left her behind defenceless.
“What is it?’ Alex asked as he looked down at Corvan.
“We left her alone without any protection.” Corvan replied looking back down the corridor.
The men snickered. “You’ve got to be kidding. She may be small, but she has a big ass attitude, nothing will come close to her, besides the Grigori is up here.” Alex advised, hopping to apprehend this creature and put it back where it belongs.
“Also, did you see that big ass knife to go with that attitude?”  Neal added with a sly smile, which drained away as soon as they heard a deathly scream echoed down the corridor. In a flash, all the men jumped back down and ran toward the main cave, where they had left Paige working earlier. Corvan was the first to reach her; she was lying in the center of the cavern, unconscious and bleeding from a head wound.
Swearing he knelt next to her limp body and dropped his backpack next to him to find water and a spare tank top to apply to her badly bleeding gash that ran from her forehead and disappeared into her hairline. Alex was the next to arrive and skidded to a halt watching the commander trying to stop the bleeding. Paige’s blood smelt rich, the aroma spread through the cave; it took a lot of effort not to drop his fangs. Corvan swallowed hard keeping his composure.
He looked up at Alex, “help me here will you, we need to stop the bleeding before she loses too much.”
“Sure.” Alex took the tank top from Corvan and lifted it up to see the damage; he too had to swallow to keep his cool.  He looked up to the rest of the men and ordered they back away.   Corvan took his canteen and gently poured the water over her forehead to wash off the blood and reveal the wound, it looked deep and nasty, whatever smashed her skull created a hairline crake along the bone. Paige moaned.
Before she gained consciousness, Corvan bite into his wrist and aimed his blood over her head wound, knowing their blood would heal human ailments quickly, but with a price. He hoped this would at least heal the fracture and skin. It took a few more dropped than anticipated but finally the gash started to seal, leaving a slight pink mark.
Paige felt a warm tingling sensation run along her forehead up into her head as she gained consciousness. She could sense she was in Corvan’s arms, she could feel him very close to her face; his breath was light and smelt slightly like lavender, which was soothing and peaceful. Before she opened her eyes she remembered the creature with glowing eyes, the image made her scream and lash out. Corvan held her tight against his chest to keep her from hurting herself any further, as he gently whispered, “Its okay, I’ve got you.”
Paige started to cry, fear crept up her spine as he held onto the commander as her life depended on it, she needed him to make her feel safe. Paige held him tighter and sobbed as she felt his breath on her neck, whispering in her ear to calm her down. She wanted to stay like this for eternity, it felt so right, yet something deep down, an alarm bell went off, that creature was the reason he and his men where here. They did not warn her or protect her against its wrath.
Paige pushed herself away from the commander’s embrace and scurried away from him to get some distance. “You fucking bastard you knew about that monster, that is why you’re here, aren’t you?” Paige yelled angrily and then cringed as her ribs sang with pain.
“You need to lie still, we haven’t checked for broken bones and you may have a concussion.” Alex advised in a gentle manner hoping to settle her down.
“Answer my bloody question.” She growled back.
“Yes,” Corvan replied irritated at the situation.
“Is that all you going to say, no explanation as to what that thing was?” Paige asked. She tried to stand up, but finding her head spin, she dropped down again.
“Yes and no,” Corvan replied as Alex moved over to Paige to help her steady herself.
“Ma’am we’ll explain as soon as you settle down, you have a bad knock on your head.” Alex replied as he grabbed her around her chest to keep her still, she yelped as pain seared through her.
“As I suspected cracked or broken ribs, can I take a look?” Alex asked as he gently laying her back down.
“I can’t believe my bloody luck.” Paige moaned through her teeth as she lay down on the soft sand of the now lit cavern. All she could remember was calling out to the men, then she remembers seeing these glowing eyes coming toward her, taking out the lights as it did. Next thing she was being flung around the cavern like a worthless toy, it made the airiest sounds as it did. Paige shivered.
“I need to lift your shirt up to see what we have.” Alex warned. Paige nodded. Slowly the major pulled her shirt out from her jeans and lifted it up revealing her bruised rib cage and bra covered breasts.
“Take an easy breath and hold it, it may hurt.” Alex warned. As she did what she was told, she slowly inhaled hopping nothing pricked her lungs. It did hurt, a lot. Wanting to release the air from her lungs, Alex coaxed her to hold on to it for a bit longer as he ran his fingers across each rib finding a few cracked ones. Not much can be done for cracked ribs except time to heal. That will mean taking it slow, but there was no way Paige was going to rest, now that she knew something prehistoric was actually still alive in these caves. The creature she remembered looked human, glowing eyes and large menacing teeth and wings attached to its back. Its skin took a strange glow, as if it was covered with phosphorus, the same glow the commander had coming from some of his tattoos. Paige looked up at the commander, finding him staring down at her, as Alex examined her chest. Still holding her breath, she could not tell him to put his eyes back into his skull so she looked at him with intent. He picked up on her vibe. He cleared his throat, as he turned around, a bit embarrassed at his impoliteness. He had seen woman’s breast before, but Paige had somehow allured him into wanting to hold hers, maybe even taste them, the thought of running his tongue over them made him shudder with desire. It was like a drug, he found he could not get enough of her. She had an exceptional body, strong stomach muscles, her breast filled a C-cup bra perfectly, and her skin glistened slightly with perspiration making him jealous of Alex, who was able to touch her there. He could feel his fingers go into a fist, trying to get his composure back, what was he thinking, who the hell does she think she is, driving him crazy like this. He growled.
“Well it looks like you need to take it very slow the next few days, so I suggest you call for help and get you off this mountain and into bed.” Alex advised.
Yes, finally we can get rid of her and carry on with catching that menace, Corvan smiled at the thought and turned around to find Paige shaking her head.
“No way, I want to know what attacked me and I’m going after it, with or without your help.”  She replied as she straightened up her shirt and tried to get up again, without success.
“No you not, look at you, you can’t hardly get up.” Corvan pointed out.
“Give me a few hours. I’ll be right at rain” she grunted as she eased back down onto her back, “or maybe in the morning.” Paige declared hoping she will be.
“You going back down in the morning, whether you like it or not.” Corvan ordered.

Paige bit her tongue, arguing hurt and she needed all her strength later when she decided to sneak out when the men fell asleep. Instead she asked for them to help her pack up, which they did, they started a fire and found some food in her pack to make her supper. Luckily she had some painkillers, which she took for the pain.