Sunday, November 27, 2016


THE NEXT MORNING Paige woke up with men talking to each other in an unfamiliar language. It started in moderate undertones then slowly progressed into an argument. She turned over onto her back to listen and try and make out what they were saying. With no luck in analysing the language she got up, rolled up her sleeping bag and dug out something to eat and drink from her backpack. As she made her way to the pool to wash her face, brush her teeth and hair she noticed the men standing around the still paralysed creature. Seeing the commander their eyes met, which instantly made her cheeks flush with embarrassment remembering their kiss.  Trying to ignore him and the men she bent over the pool and scooped its cool water over her face, it was much colder than what she remembered from yesterday when she waded in, in fact it was ice cold. This shocked her, no wonder hyperthermia set in, but how was the commander able to dive into it and wash himself off last night? These questions made her look over to the men again, still arguing in a foreign language.  Looking back at the creature she noticed its wounds had healed, but then something strange caught her eye. Something she did not take note of when it revealed itself to her. How did she know it was a male? Dropping her toiletries, she walked directly over to the creature and scanned its lifeless, naked body. It wasn’t genderless; it had a skin like armor covering its reproductive organs. The skin armor looked hard to the touch, she wondered how did the stake penetrate his skin? All these questions raced through her brain as she bent down next to the creature and noticed it red sunken eyes were watching her, pleading and angry.
“Oh my god, how is this possible?” She whispered to herself. The men behind her fell silent not realizing she was behind them studying the Grigori a little too closely. In fact, that was what they were arguing about, Corvan wanted her taken home, Alex thinks she would come in handy and she already knows too much to let her go, Neal wanted to get the Grigori moved back to safety and AJ wanted to find the other creature first before they leave the caves.
“Paige don’t touch it,” Corvan summoned too late. Paige had placed her hand on its arm to feel the skin like armor. She looked up with a sense of knowledge, it wasn’t a memory but something she knew had resurfaced.
“I know what this is. It’s not a gargoyle, or half man half dragon, as you explained.” Paige stood up looking at the men. Alex smiled not believing she could know what it was.
“So what do you think it is then?” Alex asked.
“It’s one of the fallen angles.” Paige replied in the same language they spoke earlier. Her tongue wrapped around the words as if she spoke it all her life, not believing her own ears she covered her mouth with her hands and started to laugh at the possibility and the ability to do this.
“Great, no mortal is supposed to be able to do that.” Neal said angrily “Nor are they supposed to know about this, how are we going to contain this?” He added as he paced back and forth frustrated and angry at the idea Paige may have to be contained or worse. He started to like her, as a matter of fact he liked her a lot even though she was a human.
“Wait a minute, what do you mean by mortal and contain what exactly?” Paige asked coming closer to the circle of men.
“Great now you’ve tweaked her interest.” Alex stated wanting to shut the young recruit up.
“I should have stopped you from joining us, but I’ll have to take full responsibility for what I’m about to tell you.” Corvan advised. “Here, sit.” He asked and got his men to sit back down around the fire and have Paige join them.
“You’re correct in saying it’s a fallen angel, one of four. They are known as watches, the Grigori, they came down from heaven to corrupted mankind. If they are not contained, humans will become annoyed, evil and war will erupt and finally apocalypse will be unleashed.” Corvan explained.
“One escaped our facility and came here to feed, regain its strength and reintroduce itself to mankind.” Alex added.
“We were expecting just one had awakened, but according to you we have two and we will need to get to their lair before they are joined by the others. They stronger in numbers.” Neal advised.
Paige was about to ask for more information when she was interrupted. “Paige we know you have thousands of questions and we don’t have the time to give you a history lesson. It may be best we don’t give you too much information for your own safety, the less you know the better it will be for you later, please trust me on this.” Corvan insisted.
“Our main objective is to keep this Grigori immobilised and find the others before it’s too late.” Neal said and looked over to the creature.
“Our only problem is finding them.” AJ said despondently.   
“I know where the other one is.” Paige said confidently.
“You do?” they asked.
“The only problem is to get to it, like I said, it may be in one of those pockets without air.” Paige replied.

PAIGE TOOK OUT her satellite phone and dialled Jen’s number relieved to hear it go to voice mail.
“Hi you’ve reached Jennifer Citron private cell, please leave a message.” Paige’s heart tightened when she heard Jen’s voice in her ear.
“Hi Jen, a few men from another organization has joined me here on a separate expedition and I’ve offered to help them out. They have extra supplies so I will be staying for a bit longer. So don’t worry about picking me up tomorrow, I’ll be up here for a few more days. I’ll be in and out of cell coverage so don’t bother phoning me back, which I know you will.” Paige took a deep breath, “Jen, I’ll be fine, really, did I mention one of the gentlemen is really hot, I’m in good hands. I’ll call again in a few days, love you.” Paige whispered and disconnected, knowing this would not sit well with her, but at least it would be the only way to get a few more days to track the female Grigori that was haunting her externally as well as internally.
“So I’m hot?” Corvan mocked.
“Damn-it” Paige jumped, “do you have to creep up on me like that?”
“I wasn’t creeping, you on the other hand are not taking note of your environment, which can kill you if you don’t start making mental notes of where you are standing and what’s behind you at all times,” Corvan replied looking down at Paige’s feet which happened to be standing in some kind of animal dun.
“Crap” Paige said in disgust.
“Exactly” Corvan laughed watching Paige trying to wipe the dun off her boots.
“Great, a little help here or are you just going to stand their laughing at me?” Paige sneered.
“Yes, and enjoying every minute of it.” Corvan chuckled. As she made her way past him, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed her back against a large rock. She pushed against him to move on, but he held her for a few seconds studying her.
“When you said I would be the death of you, you are right, I will be the death of you.” Corvan simply said.
“What?” Paige asked finding his statement unexpected.
“Last night, when we kissed, you…”
“I know what I said, but I didn’t mean it literally.” Paige interrupted shocked. “What I don’t understand is why you think you will?”  
“I don’t think, I am dangerous and you will need to stay away from me.” He warned.
“Why are you trying to scare me?” Paige asked knowing why he was saying these things, but asked him anyway, she felt this was his way of getting her to back off.
“Good you need to be scared of me.” He replied still holding her hips.
“You scared of committing to me romantically.” Paige said throwing in her curveball putting her hands over his, keeping them on her hips.
Corvan started to laugh, “Commitment is not my issue.”
“What is it then.” Paige asked.
“Your blood.” He replied instantly returning to a solemn face.
“My blood?” Paige repeated, now that statement did scare her, it made her heart rate increase a little. Corvan moved his hand from her hip up to her neck and gently glided his fingers up her throat. This made her skin contract into goose bumps and shivers ran down her spine into her toes. The feelings running through her had an unexpected thrill that pooled deep inside of her most secret place, a place she did not know existed until this very second. Shock ran through all her nerves, which reflected back in her eyes.
Corvan noticed her heart rate and the goose bumps, as her blood and adrenaline throbbed through her veins, but what he did not expect was her eyes, they brightened into the richest green he had ever seen, this stirred up strange feelings. His chest vibrated in anticipation to taste her and before he could keep his emotions in check, his eyeteeth extended past his lips into sharp dangerous fangs. Paige watched as Corvan’s features changed, his skin started to glow slightly as his eye sank into his skull and turned into the most mysterious incandescent blue. Eyes that saved her from suffocating, eyes that saved her many time these last couple of days. He growled as he moved his head away from her neck and stepped back. Instead of her running in fear, Paige slowly and gently took Corvan’s face between her hands and calmly whispered his name.
“Run, get away from me.” He growled, not believing she stepped closer to him and held his cold face in her warm hands. “Go, please go, now.” He shouted trying to hold himself back from sinking his teeth into her soft warm flesh and drain every ounce of blood from her body. The pain holding him back was excruciating, but she had no idea what she was doing to him.
Without warning Paige felt someone grab her around the waist and with swift speed carried her away from Corvan as Neal and AJ pushed Corvan down to the ground and held him down, as he growled and spat with anger.
“What the hell were you thinking?” Alex yelled at Paige as he put her back down far away from Corvan and the others. “Why don’t you ever listen to anyone or do you want to die? He asked swearing under his breath as he paced up and down trying to keep his emotions drawn.
“No, the commander wouldn’t -.” Paige replied, still winded by the speed she was moved away to safety.
“The commander wouldn’t what? Kill you? You stupid, stupid girl, you reckless and now you have put the commander into a very precarious position.” Alex shouted uncontrollably grabbing Paige by the arm and led her to the fire and forced her to sit on one of the rocks. “Now I have no choice but to detain you.” He added as he took out a short piece of rope they had used earlier from the commander’s backpack and tied her hands behind her back.
Paige wanted to stand up and run, but Alex was too fast, he had already tied her up and silenced her with duct tape before she could even lift herself off the rock. Alex grabbed her chin between his thumb and pointing finger tilting her head up, he looked deep into her wide scared eyes. “This is the only way you will be safe, the sooner we find that nest, the sooner we can get to leave this bloody mountain.” Alex said. He took another few seconds to study her, shook his head and made his way back to Corvan with a flask in his hands.
He found Neal and AJ still wrestle the commander down to his knees, hissing and spitting with anger.  “He won’t settle,” Neal swore as he held one of the commander’s arms behind his back, while AJ had the other.
“Let him go” Alex advised. Both men looked at him surprised. “It’s an order.” He added, immediately they let the commander’s arms go. Corvan dropped onto his hands, panting for air. As he looked up at the Major, Alex through the flask at him, swiftly catching it, he opened and drank the contents greedily. Once done, Corvan wiped the leftover moisture off his lips with the back of his hand. “What happened to Paige?” He asked concerned.
“She’s safe, I had to restrain her.” Alex advised stepping forward to help his friend back to his feet. Corvan nodded in agreement and made his way to where Paige was sitting.
Paige shuffled back on the rock trying to get comfortable when the men returned to join her around the fire. Corvan sat next to her making her feel very uncomfortable, what were they going to do with her now that she knew so much? What kind of creature was he and why would he want her blood? Paige looked over at him, finding him staring into the fire, looking normal, or should she say human, again.
“Do we have to gag her?” AJ asked the others as he sat across from Paige.
“No, but it sure is quieter.” Alex replied making the others laugh.
Paige made moaning sounds behind the restraint, they could not make out what she was trying to say, but her eyes where blazing with anger, so they got the idea and so laughed even louder. This made her madder and with all her might she used her shoulder to knock Corvan off his rock.
“Okay, okay I know you not happy about this, but its best for all of us.” Corvan laughed as he sat back up.