Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Church - good or evil?

Since Anne Rice has denounced Christianity publicly, there has been many debating the subject. It’s a touchy subject for many and one I feel Anne Rice was brave to touch. Was this done for publicity? I don't know, but one things is for sure since I have been following her on Facebook my wall has been inundated with her claims and discussions, it took over, so I had to hide her - just for a while, well, until everything settles down again.

What she has to say and the reasons are very understandable and for the most part agreeable, but I feel that it still should have been a private decision and not a public one.

I was born and raised a Catholic and to be honest I don’t agree with everything they do and “preach”. They also have embarrassed their followers quite a bit over the years, but they human like you and I and do sin. Sometimes their sins are scandalous, impure and unforgivable, their day for judgement will come, eventually.

So my take on Catholics – let the priests and nuns get married, have a family, and enjoy life, share life like the rest of us. They won’t love God, the Son and the Holy Spirit any less. We don’t!
Believe me, there are many married couples more God-fearing than most priest and nuns out there, that’s for sure.

Conclusion – it’s not the buildings, the statues, the people, the symbols that make me love, respect and honour GOD- it’s the belief in Him, the choice He has given me and mostly the love I feel from the life He has created. It is who I am, the karma, and the aura I generate by accepting Him personally. His energy, His love and greatness runs through me and touches others by the things I do. No church, priest or man can tell me otherwise.

Thanks, I needed to vent