A Bride Reborn-Reviews

WOULD DEATH BE so final, if an immortal wanted you back?
Death wasn’t final for me. Love saw to that, a love that ran so deep and eternal that I sacrificed my life for. A love I never imagined could ever exist.
Love is one of the strongest emotions a human has, it feels different and is unique to each individual and one thing is clear, a human will do anything for the one they love, even if it’s means sacrificing their own life.
I was told I sacrificed my life three times before, and was about to do it again. The eternal death where my soul returns to wherever our souls go to when we die and my body returns to dust.
However, I came back again. Reincarnated.
I was reintroduced to the sovereign, the vampire king and my true soul mate. I fell deeply in love and decide to give up my life again and become immortal like him to be with him for eternity.
I chose immortality to be with the one I love. I am; A Bride Reborn.
So let me get back to the day it all started and then judge me.