Monday, March 7, 2016

Novels going to Mexico

This year Vacation to Cancun, Mexico, I am taking two copies of each book with me and donating them to THE WESTIN RESORT AND SPA.  If you like to follow my experience please follow me here or on my facebook page,

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FEEDERS and the sequel HYBRID will be available to guests to read and enjoy while on Vacation,

as well as A BRIDE REBORN -

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Feeders the Movie- Journal - July 2014

July 2 - July 27 - Edit, edit and edit some more - perfect? - no, not yet -  unfortunately :(

July 27, 2014 - a memory came back to me today when I came across a picture of Sean Connery.
A reader of Feeders told me that she imagined that Sean Connery would be a perfect Sir Robert McKay, what do you think?

Image : Sean Connery as

Sir Robert McKay

When I first created Sir Robert McKay I thought of my father, Johannes Martinus Nel.
Here is a picture of him before he died in 1979.

Closest actor that looks like my Dad is:
Christopher Meloni

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Feeders the Movie - Journal June 2014

June, 2014
I was approached by Gidget Girl Entertainment, interested in making FEEDERS into a movie. which means I need to transform the Novel into a Screenplay (script).

June 20, 2014
Downloaded MovieDraft from Mac apps and started working on downloading novel into it. Not a great start if you worked for hours in transforming the text and then forget to save it :(

June 28, 2014
Today, I started again and this time save as I go. Much better, here's a sample of how my first draft looks like -



THE RAIN BEAT down onto the windscreen with such force; the wipers were working frantically to keep it clear enough for Anne to see where the road was. Pushing the speed limit a little to get home, she sat leaning forward into the steering wheel of her car with such intense concentration that every muscle in her body started to ache.



Just then, what she thought was a dog ran with incredible speed over the road. To avoid hitting it, Anne swerved and slammed on the brakes realizing too late, this was a mistake. The car spun out. Correcting the direction the car was taking and with pristine steering, Anne directed the car over branches of a fallen tree that lay on the side of the road. It was either over the tree and its branches or into a bog filled with muddy water. The tree would mean not getting stuck and having to get out into the rain, but unfortunately as the car sped over the branches, she heard one of the back tires burst — this meant she had to get out into the rain anyway.


“Shit, ahhhhhh shit,”

 she shouted hitting the steering wheel with her fist.


 “Can’t people look after their animals?”

Grabbing her purse, she started muttering to herself looking for her cell phone.


 “Here I am on a dark deserted road”

 — finding her phone she flipped it open —

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Bride Reborn - Press Release

Contact: Anita Viljoen, Author - '

A BRIDE REBORN -Author Anita E Viljoen continues to amaze the reader with her third, five-part vampire romance novel.
Part I, takes place in 1454, were Elle is born as Annabelle Savoie. She finds a body washed up on the Chateau de Savoie, France, beach. She revives and finds him to be the Sovereign of a large coven, Lucien Vallianto a very powerful vampire. They fall in love, marry and he takes her and her brother, Marcus Savoie back to his villa on the Island of Sardegna, Italy. There Ella is murdered before the Sovereign could turn her. … 236 years later.....

Part II, Elle, in 1690 is reborn as Isabella Savoie, orphaned and living with her best friend Countess Hope De La Fontaine, hands the Chateau de Savoie over to her great uncle, Marcus Savoie. Ella goes back to the Chateau for help when Hope goes missing. While back at the Chateau she meets the Sovereign and falls hopelessly in love again. They get married and once again he takes her back to his villa where Elle finds Annabelle's journal and learns of her life and her death. When the Sovereign plans to turn Elle into his queen he finds her blood poisoned and Isabella dies..... 231 year later......

Part III takes place in 1921, Ella is born as Jezebel Savage a descendent of the Savoie family. When Ella’s uncle Philip Savoie dies in America, she returns to France to claim her inheritance, Chateau de Savoie where she meets up with Marcus Savoie. Not believing he was the original owner of the Chateau and may be her great-great cousin. She encounters many familiar circumstances and started to strongly believe in the word "déjà-vu." Then the sovereign walks into the Chateau, her world turns upside down. Finding both Annabelle and Isabella's journals, Ella discovers a sinister plot, preventing the Sovereign turning her as his queen. Jezebel and a few trusted friends document everything they could to find out who may be responsible for the brides murders. Knowing the dangers, Elle agrees to go to the villa and marry the sovereign, but this time she was prepared to die just to find the killer. Now that everything was documented it paved the way for her next return......this time she comes back 91 years later......

Part IV Present Day, Ellouise Conway accidently fell into Marcus Savoie’s lap, quite literally. They became good friends and found she was his reincarnated sister, Annabelle, but this time she had some unique attributes. She works with the coven and together they succeed in turning Ellouise as their queen, but she looses her trust in the Sovereign and his love for her.

Part V Conclusion, Elle has to trust the sovereign again, identify the murderer and accept her future as a vampire without the one she loves more than life itself.  Does she finally succeed?

About the Author:

Anita E Viljoen was born in South Africa, and moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, where she still resides. This is her third novel and working on her fourth The Golden Eyrie Vampires  She is also known for Hybrid, the sequel to her book Feeders.

A BRIDE REBORN (ISBN: 978-1-30419-705-4) available as from November 1, 2013 for $22.00 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website: