Feeders Reviews

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Sir Robert McKay’s coven of vampires is known in British Columbia as benevolent and placid. Instead of hunting humans for blood, like many other vampire covens, they believe in having humans voluntarily donate their blood. These humans have a rare blood disorder that enables them to regenerate blood quickly when first drained, and they then need draining often to survive. These humans are known to vampires as Feeders.

Anne Patterson is attacked, left bleeding and broken by a rogue vampire, when it unsuccessfully tries to drain her blood. Luc Hastings, a feeder, and his vampire friend and tracker, Roman, find Anne at the side of a deserted road while tracking the rogue.

Luc believes Anne to be another feeder, and helps her to accept what she is to the vampires. He finds it difficult to do, as his feelings for her get in the way. Anne feels safe with Luc, but when a vengeful vampire named Sir Raymond Pitout threatens the McKay Coven by taking Anne, things start to go seriously wrong.

Luc realizes he cannot keep Anne safe. This scares him, so tries to back away from her. However, Anne proves her love for him by saving his life. Is her effort enough?

About the Author: First-time author Anita E. Viljoen has always been interested in vampires. Originally from Pretoria, South Africa, she now lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Her favorite time to write is late at night during the “witching hour.”