Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HYBRID - Chapter Three

“SO WHAT’S SO important about this young lass, aside from her being a well-educated biochemist and a very attractive human, who needs a highly trained bodyguard?” Malcolm asked Sire Kevin Coupler.
Malcolm sat opposite Kevin, in a large brown leather sofa and with a drink in his hand. He assessed the sire, who was a strong, well-built man; some called him a rugged cowboy because of his rough features and unruly blond hair and the way he dressed. 
He smiled back at Malcolm and replied, “A very special friend of the family asked a favor from me, and you’re it.”
“Oh, come on. You owe me more than that. She can’t be more important than Sire Pitout or infiltrating Viper House?” Malcolm protested.
“Before I answer that, let me ask you something,” Kevin said. 
“Aye?” Malcolm looked intently at him.
“Why did the International Vampire Council send you here?” “You can’t be serious?” Malcolm couldn’t believe Kevin didn’t

know the answer, but as he stared at him he realized there was more to the question. “They suspect a rogue vampire, Sire Raymond Pitout, is back in Canada and has been harbored by the Vipers. As I am the International Vampire Council’s head of security, I’m to find out more about his intentions and execute him on sight, should he break any rules or agreements between him and the IVC,” Malcolm replied, agitated.
“Tell me, Malcolm, what do you know about Sire Raymond Pitout?” Kevin asked as he got up from his seat and took Malcolm’s now empty glass. He walked over to his drink cabinet and poured them each another double whisky.
“Well, as far as my records show, he’s a very dangerous and unpredictable vampire. He has sworn vengeance against the Canadian head councilor, Sir Robert McKay, and his family and feeders. He was apprehended and charged with serious crimes that included siring humans and leaving them rogue; risking their being apprehended by human authorities; kidnapping Sir Robert McKay’s feeders; and illegally starting a bidding war leading to fraud, just to name a few. However, he has friends in high places. He was never tried for those crimes but was released with a list of conditions, and he has now violated the main one. I was sent here to keep an eye on him and the house in which he is now residing as a guest.”
“Impressive. So tell me, what do your records say about Mia and Michael O’Sullivan?” Kevin asked as he handed Malcolm his drink and sat down again.
“Michael O’Sullivan was killed by Sire Pitout, and Mia O’Sullivan is his twin sister. She has a very unique attribute, I may add. She accompanied Sire Pitout to Europe and was not at all happy about the IVC’s decision to let him go. She was detained for a while, for her own protection. During that time experienced vampires trained her to use her attribute wisely. Finally, Roman came over to Europe with a guarantee from McKay Council that she would stay away from Sire Pitout, unless he returned to Canada—which he has—so she has every right to pursue and destroy him. So let me ask you this: What has all this to do with Gem O’Bollocks? Why didn’t I connect the dots? And where does she fit in?”
“Michael O’Sullivan is her father,” Kevin replied.
“But there’s no record of him being married or having children,” Malcolm stated.
“He wasn’t married, but he and Sir Robert McKay’s great- granddaughter, Meghan McKay, fell in love and she became pregnant a couple of months after he was turned. No-one thought it was possible, but miracles do still happen, I guess,” Kevin explained, taking another sip of his drink.
“She shows no signs of being hybrid.”
“She doesn’t? How long have you known her? Twenty minutes?” “I mean, I didn’t sense it.”
“Why would you? You may be one, but it doesn’t mean you can

tell by merely shaking her hand. But you’re right,” Kevin smiled. “She has no hybrid tendencies at all. We doubt she is one.”
“She doesn’t need blood?” Malcolm asked inquisitively.
“No, not any more. When she was a baby she nursed and drank Meghan’s blood, but once she was on solid foods she no longer needed blood to sustain her, human or vampire. She grew up and aged like a human. She’s twenty-five years old now and still shows no sign of wanting blood, as far as I know.”
“Why does the IVC not know about this?”
“They do. It’s been kept a secret for her safety but now that Sire Pitout is back in Canada, there is growing fear that that information may have been leaked,” Kevin said with concern.
“I’ll contact them later and get more information,” Malcolm decided. “So where do I fit into this plan of yours?”
“Meghan asked me to send in someone other than a vampire to get close to her, to keep her secure. The McKay securities are diligent in what they do, but she doesn’t allow them close enough; and there is the problem that being vampire, they can only do so much.”
“I see. Well, I haven’t remained in a human state for quite a while, so this will be interesting,” Malcolm said to himself. “Anyway, I applied to rent her vacant room. Just make sure I get in.” Malcolm raised his glass in salute to Kevin and drained his drink.