Sunday, March 18, 2012


Alter-seer - is an oracle, a warrior, in human form they portray beauty and stamina. They frequently have long, white or silver hair, pointed ears, tall and have strong features. However when provoked a spontaneous and involuntarily form is revealed, it's a function that is more or less independent of each other. In this evil form they portray unsightly features, blackened eyes, and demon teeth with, supernatural degree of strength, agility endurance and speed. This creature's senses are extremely acute. They can see clearly in the dark, can smell and hear miles away and in a few cases have been known to shape shift.
The Alter-seers are mortal born from one or both Alter-seer parents. In human form they can die due to any fatal injury, but in the alternative form it can heal any wounds that are not caused by silver or fire.
They have been known to immortalise themselves by feeding off Vampires – For many centuries the Vampire and Alter-seers have fought until their final demise back in the 1100 AD, they have not been seen since.
Well that is what the Vampires beleive.