Thursday, July 28, 2011

HYBRID: The Kiss

Lips are said to be the most sensitive part of the body and so the KISS can lead to many things.

Apart from a kiss being an act of simply pressing one's lips against the lips or body parts of another or of an object, there are studies that depending what you kiss the brain steps it up a notch.

A kiss can express sentiments of frienship. greeting, respect affection, love and passion.

So in Freindship and Greeting, a kiss is a formal or symbolic guesture, as in family and friends kissing each other in greeting;
in Respect and Affection, a kiss is a ritual as in the case of a bride and groom kissing at the conclusion of a wedding.

The above four sentiments are used towards our family and friends in many cultures, but where it get interesting is:

A Kiss in Love and Passion

This kiss is an important expression of love and erotic emotions. The pulse beats faster, the heart throbs so hard you can hear it in your ears, the skin tingles where the kiss touches, the stomach does summersaults, the body heats up, sometimes sweats a little.
Tingling sensation down your spine and into the toes, and sometimes if it's the right kiss, that part of you, the inner most secret part, moistens, heats up and throbs in the rhythm of your heart.

Then we have theVampire Kiss:
Take the above sensations of a Passionate and Lovers kiss to the extreme: It would be like having your lips touch soft rose petals and your tongue wrap around the best, warmest, sweetest sensation you have ever experienced. You’ll feel faint, drunk and maybe slightly nauseous, by the sensations your body feels. But this kiss will inflict on you more pain than a bee's sting, a pain you want and somehow expected. It is as if you are about to suffocate, yet, nevertheless, you want more, it’s more than an aphrodisiac, sending pulsing pleasures deep inside of you. A drug or some kind of poison will make you surrender to the pleasure and the pain of the Vampire kiss. You will pass out from it and when you regain consciousness you will wonder why you have not died.