Friday, March 23, 2012

An important WARNING

Back in November 2010 I posted this Important Warning - taken from Vampirology: The true history of the Fallen.
I have incorporated it in my new book - The Golden Eyrie Vampires - set in Maple Ridge's back yard. Every time you look up at the Golden Ear Mountain begin to wonder what's up there.

"To all who read this: please take heed. THE FALLEN ONES – known by most as vampires – have posted themselves into every corner of human society. They have been clever down the years at their concealment, so much so that we do not fear them as we should, capable through they are of eradicating our kind forever. Instead, we have romanticised them, viewing them not as a terrifying reality but a glamorous fiction."
Now the time has come for the hideous truth to be revealed.....
(Extracts taken from Vampirology: The True history of the Fallen)