Friday, January 14, 2011

My apology's

I must apologies for not blogging as much as would like, but my dearest mother has had a turn for the worst and is in hospital, so my focus has been with her. 

She was diagnosed with a type of Renal Cancer in October of 2009 and has been on Chemo tablets every since. A year later, she started complaining about pain in her abdomen and started to go anaemic, they treated her by giving her a blood transfusion which helped for the anemia but not for the pain.  When the family and I arrived in South Africa for our Christmas visit, I found my Mom very thin, yellow and very frail, it was a shock to see her like this. 
A few days after we left, my step Dad took her to hospital for another blood transfusion and check up, where they found a secondary tumor in her Pancreas and Liver.  They are keeping her in hospital for pain management and recently have decided on Radiation treatments. Needless to say I'm on standby and leeching for any news.
My prayers are for you Mom.

Please keep those who are going through the pains of cancer in your prayers..