Friday, December 17, 2010

The Vampire Hunters

The Great Line of Protectors: The line of Protectors began at the Dawn of Time below are noted the more Legendary of these.....


The enmity between vampires and werewolves is centuries old. When the curse of the Fallen first spread across the world, werewolf populations were decimated - vampires saw them as a threat to their influence and so murdered were-folk en masse. From this point on, the were-creatures went to great lengths to disrupt the schemes of the Fallen Ones, and in the first century, werewolves declared war on vampires.


There is a legend of a vampire, a tortured Belial known as the Slayer, who defeated her worst enemy- blood thirst. It is said that she could not tolerate the guilt that came with her condition and underwent an inner transformation, feeding on animals as prey and using Eastern forms of meditation to train herself out of her vampire ways. Maintaining her powers and usually took the guise of a young girl, slaying her own kind.  (Extracts taken from Vampireology: The True history of the Fallen)


An oracle, a warrior, in human form they portray beauty and stamina. In this evil form they portray unsightly features, blackened eyes, and demon teeth with, supernatural degree of strength, agility endurance and speed. This creature’s senses are extremely acute. They can see clearly in the dark, can smell and hear miles away and in a few cases have been known to shape shift. They have been known to immortalise themselves by feeding off Vampires – For many centuries the Vampire and Alter-seers have fought until their final demise back in the 1100 AD, they have not been seen since.
(Taken from Hybrid by Anita E Viljoen)