Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sex Sells?

I'm quite amazed to see how many page hits I'm getting on my article I posted back in July 2011 named "Hybrid - The Kiss" its over 5000 now and still adding. I don't think it was the article itself I found it was this picture and the label "Kiss" that was targeted.
This goes to show how an image or a word can sell.
Then I realized, this is how I can sell my books. I know how sensual my books are and the fact I have not shared these scenes with anyone except for those who have been lucky enough to read my books. It gets your imagination going and I hope it gives you some ideas - It takes it away from the "human" perspective, as well as out of the bedroom, its erotic, exotic and romantic, or not - that will depend on you.
 What do you think?