Thursday, October 4, 2012


A Bride Reborn – Review
WOW! After reading Feeders and Hybrid, I knew I was in for a great read but I didn’t realize until I started it, that it was not the same story line as the first two novels and was at first slightly disappointed by this. I soon got over it!!! Like the other novels, it is hot hot HOT!!! I was literally on the edge of my seat through every single chapter…and nearing the end of each part, found my heart racing in anticipation of how that part would end and the next part would start. I’m pretty sure I even messaged Anita one night, calling her a nasty word for keeping me in suspense so much, and getting little sleep due to not being able to put it down!
A Bride Reborn is unlike any other vampire novel I have read (and I have read a few). A more “adult friendly” novel, it will have anyone reading it eager to read on. With plenty of action, it explores death, reincarnation, anger, frustration, love and has plenty of romance (ie: hot hot, face blushing sex!) to keep you in suspense and engaged through the whole thing. Starting each part, I knew that I was in for another 10 chapters of lip biting (pun intended) and at times felt myself wishing I was the main character, getting to experience the immense love the vampire king has for her.
If you don’t like A Bride Reborn, you lack taste (again, pun intended!). This is a great novel and I am once again, in suspense waiting for what Anita has in store for the next novel!!
D. Andrews