Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Review to share

I had the absolute pleasure of reading the newest novel by Anita Viljoen A Bride Reborn. Wow, I keep trying to think of a better word to use but keep coming back to Wow! I have had the pleasure of being able to read Anita's previous novels, Feeders and Hybrid and enjoyed both novels very much. So it was no suprise that I would enjoy this one. What did suprise me was the conection and investment you immediatley start to feel to the characters in this new novel. Anita has a way of drawing you so into her characters that you feel you know them. A Bride Reborn explores the world of reincarnation through the most amazing and touching love story I have read in a long time. Throw in the much loved world of vampires and a lot of what has been referred to lately as " Mommy Porn " aka steamy sex scenes and you have a book you cannot put down. I read this book in two nights and with my busy schedule that is saying something. The advancement in Anita's writing with each book makes me long for the on A Bride Reborn