Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feeders Update

Hi all, just some news as to what has happened to FEEDERS this last week.
  • Save on Foods -sold out 12 copies and ordered another 12 - Thank you Michelle and Wendy!!
  • Black Bond Bookstore - Haney Place Mall, Maple Ridge now has my book for sale, Thanks Shari
  • I have a scheduled interview with "The Bugel" on Tuesday
  • In progress with an online interview with a wonderful lady that has Polycythemia Vesa - will keep you posted on the progress - and finally 
  • According to my Book Sale page from the Publisher (online sales) I have sold 12 books and 3 Kindle to date.
Thank you all for buying a copy of Feeders, please don't forget to write an review either on this website under my REVIEWS page or on my Facebook page.