Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vampires known as Vipers

In Hybrid you are introduced to SIRE CAIN ASPDEN – A medium well built man, with professionally trimmed golden blond hair, gold snake eyes, ash skin, forked tongue and a lethal bite. An acquaintance of Lord Malcolm Murphy that decides to help find and destroy Sire Raymond Pitout after Raymond manipulates Cain in harbouring him in Canada for a while.

Sire Cain Aspden falls in love with Deidra Wolff an Alter-seer, introduced earlier in this blog (see March 18, 2012 posting- Alter-seer) here is an extract from the book HYBRID.

DEIDRA DECIDED IT was time to get something to eat; it was getting late and the two scientists were too deeply involved in their discussion and research to notice her leaving the lab. Walking down the hall and making her way toward the stairs that led to the vampire quarters, she found Cain coming up toward her.
“Good evening. Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Cain asked as Deidra approached him.
“Supper,” Deidra replied finding her heart skip a couple of beats.
“You’ve missed it, I’m afraid, but you didn’t miss much,” Cain said thoughtfully.
“What do you mean by that?” Deidra stopped and looked into Sire Cain Aspden’s eyes. Her heart skipped another beat.
Smiling, Cain could feel Deidra’s anxiousness; he could hear her heart beating irregularly and see the heat of her body glow from a mild red to orange, and then to yellow.
“Well, nobody seemed to be in the mood for cocktails or supper tonight.”
“Really? Well, I don’t blame them, with all that happened last night,” Deidra agreed. She realized that Cain was stepping closer to her, and this made her even more uncomfortable.
“Have they started any test on you yet?” Cain asked. It wasn’t that he cared; he just wanted to get to know this beautiful creature. He wanted to touch her silver hair and feel it run between his fingers, but most of all he wanted to taste her, in more ways than one. The possibility that she could change into an alter-seer also intrigued him.

He was a different species of vampire, and he wondered if that was why he sought her out; he didn’t repel her like the others. He was mainly frightened off by fear of what she was, but the thought also drew him closer.
“No. Why do you want to know? Would you like to see me suffer though it?” Deidra asked sarcastically, stepping back as he came closer. “On the contrary. I don’t like the idea of them hurting you,” Cain
Surprised at his answer, Deidra had no comeback. She was stunned

for the first time in her life; she had nothing to say to the man she actually liked. Unbelievably, she felt very nervous around him. This, too, was a first for the confident, quick-on-her feet kind of woman she was. This was a flaw in her character and for once she liked it. She unexpectedly smiled back.
“We’re two of a kind, you know.” Cain stepped forward again, almost forcing Deidra to the wall.
“Oh?” She asked, ignoring the fact she had nowhere to go. She and Cain were eye to eye, equal in height and stance, and this fascinated her.
“We’re both of a different species and not much liked by vampires; we’re both tolerated, but not liked,” Cain explained as he touched her hair, finally experiencing the strands between his fingers; they felt like soft silk.
Deidra swallowed hard. Damn, he was handsome, she thought to herself as she tilted her head, surrendering herself to him. He picked up on her gesture, which not many would have, but it seemed they were connected on so many levels that it was hard to explain.
He leaned into her, took her face into his hands, and slowly moved in for a kiss. Looking into her eyes for any changes, he held his lips an inch away from hers, feeling her warm breath on his skin, waiting for her to complete the gesture. She did, kissing lightly at first; when their lips touched, his parted slightly. He grabbed hold of her hair and brought her closer to him, enjoying the passion of it.

What am I doing? She asked herself. She wanted to melt away with the heat but she felt she couldn’t do it, not now. With all her strength, she pushed against Cain’s chest, making him take a couple of steps back and collide with the staircase banister. Stunned by her sudden move and strength, he looked at her as he straightened up.
“We can’t do this, not now,” Deidra whispered breathlessly. Taking another second or two to look into Cain’s lustful snake eyes, Deidra ran down the stairs, toward the dining room.
“Shit,” Cain gasped, still surprised at her stamina. He shook his head in disbelief at what had just happened and then started to laugh as he carried on walking up the stairs, toward his quarters.