Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Immortality or eternal life is defined as a concept of living in a physical or spiritual form for an infinite length of time. (wikipedia)
Do I want to be able to live forever? Good question which leads to many more questions:
  1. What form of immortality would I take? (Physically or Spiritually)
  2. Do I keep my soul?
  3. Do I really want to watch people I love, die?
To cheat death physically one has to overcome aging, disease and / or trauma – good luck to that.
Vampires have overcome aging, disease and trauma, provided they don't lose their heads. But do vampires keep their souls? This is where I'm stuck.
I'm 75% done with HYBRID my sequel to FEEDERS and I have a situation where a human is turned into a vampire and while this is happening she sees her now dead husband. It gets complicated and you need to read the story to understand what happens, but the question I have to anyone out there that may have some ideas on this subject
DO VAMPIRES being turned from humans into IMMORTALS KEEP THERE SOULS?