Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Interview with a Polycythemia Patient

How where you diagnosed with this disease?
By accident.  Went into doctor's for routine check-up and had blood tests done. I have to return periodically to have my blood tested, which will indicate the blood level.

Do you know what caused it?
It's a rouge cell that's stimulates the bone marrow, which in turn over produces the red blood cells and platelets. I believe it was brought on by stress.

Can one pass this disease on? If so, how?
Cannot be passed on through day-to-day contact (like a cold or flu) but it is hereditary.

Can the blood they take from you be used in blood transfusions?
I don't really know.

What kind of treatment are you on?
No other treatment except for phlebotomy, taking of blood, usually a pint when red blood cells are in abundance.  My Doctor wanted me to try a new chemo tablet instead of a yearly phlebotomy, which had many ill effects. I chose the removal of blood.

If you had to pass information onto anyone out there going through the same thing, what would you like to say to them?
"Go and get relaxation therapy, meditative therapy or acupuncture" as I strongly believe stress increases the disease. At the beginning I had to have blood taken every four months, since I have had acupuncture, I now need to do so once a year.

As this blood disease is rare, I was very lucky  to come across this wonderful lady, that would like to remain anonymous. We had a lovely chat over the phone and enjoyed answering my questions.
I would like to thank her for taking the time and wish her all the best.