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SIR ROBERT MCKAY. He is the Head of the McKay Vampire Council of Canada and runs his coven with a stern hand although tough he is also known to be fair. A tall, dark and handsome; he is an older, distinguished vampire.

ROMAN – long black hair, copper skinned and has soothing voice, stunningly handsome first nation’s man. He’s a tracker for the McKay coven and part of their elite security team.

DR. IAN ANDERSON – blond, strong featured gentleman, Doctor for the McKay coven doing research of blood disorders and finding a way to discover more Feeders

FLORENCE ANDERSON – she is a stern, tall, long black haired and beautiful woman. She is head of the McKay security team, the warden and enforcer of the vampire laws. Married to Dr, Ian Anderson.

MIA O’ SULLIVAN – Newly turned vampire, with a very unusual attribute that the McKay council uses, was a model but after being brutally turned by Sire Pitout became part of the McKay security team and seeks revenge against Sire Pitout (made it her life mission) she has red hair, tall and beautiful, with the ability to transfer current into her victims that can stun and kill.

MICHAEL O’ SULLIVAN - Mia’s twin brother, an ex Marine and also turned abruptly by Sire Pitout. He falls in love with Meghan McKay and shortly after he was turned he impregnates Meghan with the hybrid child, they name her GEM. He joined the McKay coven as one of their elite secutiry team members.

SIRE RAYMOND PITOUT – a dark, medium build man with dark evil eyes, thick dark brown curly hair and pure evil. He was part of the McKay Council but deflected to take revenge against the coven. His obsession for greed and hate for Sir Robert became the McKay coven’s worst nightmare.

SIRE KEVIN COUPLER –Councillor of the McKay coven. He is a strong, well build man; some called him a rugged cowboy; because of his rough features, wild blond hair and the way he dressed. He rules over Alberta as part of the McKay dynasty.

DR. ANDREW SINCLAIR – A Biochemist helping Gem with various blood disorders. Works for the International Vampire Council (IVC) and due to unforeseen circumstances, finds himself coming to Canada with Sire Raymond Pitout. Turned in his early thirties he has light brown, wavy hair that touches his ears, handsome features on a well build frame, blue eyes, which is specific to vampire royalty.

LADY NICOLE LE RUE - Councillor and International Ambassador for the IVC. She had a stately presence that exceeds her height, she was a petite woman with beautiful features and shoulder length, blond wavy hair, vampire gold eyes and pure white skin. She had an oval face with well proportioned nose and soft lips, overall stunning to look at but her demeanour and reputation were to be feared.


LT. LUC HASTINGS –is tall, dark wavy haired, sea blue/green eyed, rough and tough gentleman. He became a Feeder during the WWII (Pilot) and is able to stay young by drinking Vampire blood. A loner until he finds a female Feeder, Anne Patterson on a deserted roadside.

ANNE PATTERSON – a petite but tough woman, with a pixie face, emerald eyes and short auburn  hair. A feisty, adrenalin junkie that loves living on the edge, until she finds out she’s a Feeder and has to live under vampire laws and secrets. Then falls in love their male Feeder Lt. Luc Hastings and settles down.


MEGHAN MCKAY – human, black hair, brown eyes and lived in Goth black clothing and piercings all over, until she fell in love and changed her appearance. She is Sir Robert McKay’s century old-grandchild falls in love with a newly turned vampire Michael O’Sullivan. Miraculously falls pregnant and give birth to the first female hybrid.

GRACE O’ SULLIVAN – Meghan’s second daughter, using Michael's stored human sperm. Grace also inherits her Aunts Mia attribute (expels energy) and is a twin to Michael jr. (named after his father) She has her father’s features but her mother’s coloring, black hair and brown eyes.

MICHAEL O’ SULLIVAN – Grace’s twin brother, joined the Canadian Special Forces and became a sergeant in the military, like his father, who he was named after. Although a twin he had his father’s coloring of red hair and blue eyes, with a temper to match. Tall, muscular and well trained in combat.

DEIDRA WOLFF – Gem and Grace’s roommate and friend. Well built but slender, copper skinned woman with ice blue eyes and long silver white hair. Doesn’t trust anyone let alone men and has a very dark secret. They later find out she is an ALTER-SEER an ancient, thought to be destroyed, vampire slayer a force to be reckoned with.


GEMMA ANNE O’SULLIVAN – Known as Gem, the first female hybrid of its kind, brought up as a human, until she meets another hybrid, her dormant hybrid tendencies awaken. Like her name, she has onyx black hair, topaz gold rimmed brown eyes, ruby lips on pearl white skin and her mother’s features. A scientist researching various blood disorders and helping her friend Deidra find out more about what she really is.

LORD MALCOLM MURPHY –Head of the International Vampire Council’s security, tall, handsome with golden skin, light brown hair, Royal deep blue vampire eyes; and had a cleft in his strong angled jaw. Sent to protect Gem and bring Sire Raymond Pitout to justice.


SIRE CAIN ASPDEN – A medium well built man, with professionally trimmed golden blond hair, gold snake eyes, ash skin, forked tongue and a lethal bite. An acquaintance of Lord Malcolm Murphy that decides to help find and destroy Sire Raymond Pitout after Raymond manipulates Cain in harbouring him in Canada for a while.


Christopher - very large unfriendly vampire, bald, square face, thick neck

Calvin – Handsome, black hair, body covered in tattoos.

Brad - blond with scar down his right eye to the corner of his lip

Dale - African – pilot


Sire Mark Aldridge from Halifax and a family of twenty seven He’s a thin, tall man with a brown moustache, long side burns and short brown hair – almost had Sherlock Holmes appearance.

Sire Jonathan Wright, from Ottawa, and a family of twenty one. A short aristocrat with light brown hair, long face and goatee.

Sire Kevin Coupler, from Calgary, with a family of thirty. Curly blond hair, rugged features.