Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vampire Passion

For the most part, a vampires’ passion is to feed; it runs parallel with instinct and hunger. It’s very seldom that a vampire would direct their passion towards "love" with a human. The reason is simple; no one falls IN love with their food.  However, there is an exception to that reasoning; a vampire was a human once and like all humans, men and women alike, need to feel affection in some form or other. Whether this affection is a simple warm touch or fulfilling their lust with sex; passion and then love aren’t normally very far off.

In Feeders I’ve created a love of a vampire with a human. Michael is a newly turned vampire so his heart was still open to the concept of falling in love with Meghan. 

Insert from Book:
“Meghan, am I making you nervous?” Michael asked.
“No, not at all,” she lied and deliberately looked away from him.
“Meghan, look at me and say that again.”
Meghan’s heart started to race and she felt her cheeks flush. “All right, a bit, yes,” she said still not looking at him.
Michael leaned over and took her chin in his hand and moved her head over to face him. “Why? Is it because of what I am?” Michael asked.
“Not because you’re a vampire — it’s because I’m attracted to the man you are,” Meghan whispered.
“Well, thank you for your honesty but I think you should be nervous at both,” Michael said and got up to put some space between them.
“Michael, stop, don’t walk away from me,” Meghan said, upset. “If you’re going to walk away because of my honesty on how I feel about you, I will lie to keep you near me,” Meghan murmured.
“I’m not walking away from you because you told me you’re attracted to me, Meghan. I’m putting some space between us because of what I’m capable of doing to you. God, you have no clue, do you?”
“Yes I do. You smell my blood and hear my heart race. You’re newly turned, so I can imagine what it must be like. It’s like having a plate of fresh delicious cookies put in front of me and being asked not to eat them.”
Michael laughed. “Yes, you’re a very large batch of fresh double chocolate cookies.”
“Double chocolate. Mmm, now you are talking,” Meghan teased and got up from the bench and walked over to him. “Michael, I trust you,” she said taking her hands to touch his face. He closed his eyes as she held his face and brought it down slowly to her. She lifted herself onto her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on his lips. As he felt her warmth, he felt a surge of pleasure he had not experienced before run through him. He opened his eyes and took her around her waist, lifting her up. She giggled. “You trust me?” he asked.
Holding her up in one arm, he grabbed her hair in his hand and brought her head down to meet his lips again, but this time he kissed her with so much passion, they both were at each other’s mercy. Meghan felt his tongue in her mouth exploring, tasting, as she explored and tasted back. She felt like her heart was going to explode. She held him tightly against her and felt him harden.
The next thing she felt was being dropped. Michael let her go and fled as fast as he could to get away from her before he did her any harm.
The one minute she was being kissed, the next she was on the slate stone walkway, panting, dizzy and confused. She had no feeling in her legs so she lay there for a while getting her breath back. “Wow that was intense,” she smiled to herself.
 Finally, she got up and dusted herself off and made her way back to her room where she took a shower to freshen up before bed — still smiling.