Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Seattle

I spent the weekend in Seattle with 9 wonderful teenage Pathfinders, and yes I'm still sane!!

Our first stop was the Space Needle, Friday for a couple of hours, the girls found the going up a little "freekie" but once on the observation deck we all enjoyed our wet view.

That night after supper we made our way to Pike Place Market for the Ghost Tour. Many of the girls where a bit anxious but once the tour started and found it wasn't a haunted house, but ghost stories, many relaxed and enjoyed it. Particularly one story of  Jacob a eight to nine year old boy that fell ill and died back in 1918, his presence is felt in a little store at the market that is now known as Merry Tales. They loved the story so much we had to go back the next day to see the room where this mischievous ghost now lives. The owner of the store was gracious enough to take most of the girls back to his room where they calm him down by adding a bed and toys for him to sleep and play in.

We did this after our Seattle Underground Tour which was just as much fun.
Unfortunately no rats, ghosts or vampires where seen in these spaces as they where well used by tourists. I wonder about the area's closed to the public look like? Yikes.
We ended our Saturday with a couple of hours in the Science Centre and supper in Denny Park.

Sunday, on our way home back to Canada, we stopped at the Woodlands Zoo and then the Seattle Outlets for some "window" shopping.

It was a fun filled and interesting weekend, well organised by the girls themselves and chaperoned by myself, Joy B and Joy M (I was in a "Joy-ful" place) hehe
Thank you all for a wonderful time. Anita