Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bride Reborn - update

Sending Part One of A Bride Reborn to editor - so excited.

The first part of a four part novel, is about a young nineteen year old girl, Annabelle Savoie, born back in 1454,  finds a vampire washed up on her beach. Annabelle, (aka Elle)  and her brother Marcus Savoie inherited Chateau Savoie, a wine estate after their parents die in the Hundred Year War in France. Her uncle Phillip, Marcus and Elle, where the only ones left of the Savoie family and with very little success tired to salvage the winery. Finding the vampire, saving his life and falling in love gave  Elle and her family a chance for a better life, however, Elle's was cut short.
Story filled with humour, love, passion and intrigue.

Keep posted as soon as it comes back from the editor I will post a spoiler.