Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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GEMMA ANNE O' SULLIVAN, also known as Gem, is the daughter of a human mother, MEGAN MCKAY, and a vampire father, MICHAEL O SULLIVAN. She is a hybrid and the first female of her kind, a secret kept by the McKay council for two and a half decades. The reappearance of SIRE RAYMOND PITOUT in Canada threatens and compromises her secret, and the International Vampire Council sends out its head of security, LORD MALCOLM MURPHY (the first hybrid) to protect Gem and destroy Sire Pitout. Malcolm finds things becoming complicated, especially when he falls in love with Gem. He meets Gem's friend, DEIDRE WOLFF, who turns out to be an alter-seer (an oracle/vampire hunter), and also her human sister, GRACE O' SULLIVAN, who has the same unique trait as her aunt, MIA O' SULLIVAN (Michael's twin sister). With all these unique attributes under one roof, Lord Malcolm has his job cut out for him.

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