Monday, April 15, 2013

Anniversary Surprises

It's our 24th Wedding Anniversary today and Hubby surprised me with a booking to Hawaii in October, 2013.

But the best of all he sent me a link to with a username and password that took me to a booking on the Norwegian Jade, 11 day Mediterranean Cruise for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

We start in Rome, Italy - April 12, 2014
Florence, Italy
MonteCarlo, Monaco
*Provence, France (A Bride Reborn- my new novel starts here) and our 25th Wedding Anniversary
Barcelone, Spain
Valencia, Spain
At Sea
*Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy (A Bride Reborn -   Villa Senza Paura, novel ends here)
Palermo, Sicily
Naples, Italy
Back to Rome, Italy.
We arrive at each Port at 8 am and depart each port at 5pm giving us the day at each stop.

*A BRIDE REBORN: (spoiler)

A few days later we sailed into Cagliari’s port, we arranged carriages in Vallianto’s name finding how quickly and efficiently everything was executed. The trip to the Villa Senza Paura was endless and hot, the closer we got to our destination I could feel Lucien’s demeanour changed. The morning we were to arrive, I found Lucien’s guard was up and with Marcus’s help, he prepared himself as if going into battle. This scared me more than when I first realized he was a vampire. I feared losing the one I loved more than life itself, watching him silently I had no idea how he felt about facing his enemy. He mounted his stallion and road ahead of our carriage, watching him ride his mount gallantly, made me proud.  We entered the villa’s gates and road down the long carriageway lined by cypress trees that led toward a large building.  It was bigger than our Chateau back in France, a whole floor higher and much wider. It was as immense as the owner himself. The entrance was welcomed by two large lion statues on either side of a half moon stairway leading up to a large heavy wooden double door, that had large lion head knockers on each door. The walls where built out of the same rock that surrounded it. Large crystal glass windows scatted evenly across, three stories high and crowned by a terracotta tile roof.  Approaching the large entry stairway we arrived at the main doors of the villa, a few staff members came out to greet the new arrivals with awe.  Some recognised Lucien although it was over five hundred years since they had seen him.  Word must have reached Lorenzo and Lucien’s council members very quickly as I hardly stepped out of the carriage when they arrived at the villa’s entrance to greeted Lucien with gratitude and respect. Everyone was talking at once so it was very difficult to understand what was said.

Finally Lucien took my hand and led me into the villa, followed by Marcus; the coolness of the entrance hall was a relief from the scorching heat of the sun outside.  We were escorted to the den where refreshments where served and Lorenzo explained how they had been taking turns throughout the centuries in trying to find Lucien.