Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Loss of a Generation

Monday I received word that my Aunt Marianne died. It wasn't unexpected, but still sad to lose the last of that generations that use to say; "What is this world coming to, I remember in my day..." or "That cost what? In the good old days it use to cost a penny/dime/nickel..."

My aunt emigrate from Germany to South Africa at a young age (7- I think), my Gran was Nine. They arrived by boat, after the First World War and could not speak English very well. It's very similar to those stories we hear about our forefathers moving to a new county, how they adapted and struggled to make our generation prosper.

Aunt Marianne was the last of my family to be able to recall the wars, the depression and the history she lived through, firsthand accounts, references and recollections of the past that is gone forever.

Silence remains.

We miss you Aunty, Granny, Mommy.